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How Important Are Keywords For Websites? Experts’ Guide

How Important Are Keywords For Websites? Experts' Guide

How Important Are Keywords For Websites? Experts’ Guide

A website without SEO is like a business without an “open” sign. Google and other search engines crawl a website for keyword density to understand its specialization and to give it ranking. In SEO, keywords play a prominent role. You can say the SEO theory is entirely based on keywords.

What are Keywords?

Keywords are search phrases according to which users make searches. It can be of two words, three words, or more such as SEO company, Texas SEO company, or best SEO company Texas. Keywords help search engines to provide results accurately. Search engines display those sites in the search result that have used the specific keywords. This is why every site should have keywords.

Keyword Density & Placement

There are two types of keywords- long tail and short tail. On a web page, there should be a 1% to 2% keyword density. More than 2% is known as keyword stuffing, which is something we all want to stay away from. Along with the main keywords, LSI keywords can be placed, which are related to the main keywords. If the main keyword is “SEO Company,” the LSI can be a Search Engine Optimization company or SEO firm. There are LSI keyword generators, which are very helpful. The main keyword should be in the title of the content. It should be in the first paragraph, last paragraph, and meta description. Images of the content should be optimized by adding relevant keywords.

Start Keyword Research

Do you know the tricks to start keyword research? There are paid and free tools that can help you out. You can use Google Search to find targeted keywords. Google is intelligent and auto-suggest some keywords when you type anything. The relevant keywords will display at the bottom of the search engine. You can take the relevant keywords to search on paid or free tools for volume, position, and Cost Per Click, also known as CPC.

Some popular keyword research platforms are-
  • Ubersuggests
  • Keyword Planner
  • Semrush
  • Ahrefs
Hire an SEO Expert

A site with overstuffing of keywords can be penalized by Google. It will be considered spamming. Moreover, you should know the tricks to include keywords in the content. It shouldn’t come forcibly, but naturally. Who will look after these things? SEO experts can help you out in this context. They are experts in placing keywords strategically to the page. They are the experts who keep an eye on changing Google algorithms to make necessary changes in the site page to stay away from penalties.

For more details on SEO, contact us. We are a Texas SEO company specialized in offering advanced SEO to improve your search ranking.

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