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How to Shoot Product Photos Like a Pro

How to Shoot Product Photos Like a Pro

If you have an online business, the best product photography is one of your prime requirements. A neat and clean product photo captures buyers’ attention and increases the sale of the product. Fortunately, there is no need for a fancy studio to capture pictures of products. All you need is some creativity and a good quality camera.

Let’s find out how to capture product photos like professional photographers in Houston, Texas.

Choose the Right Location

Photoshoots for a product can be anywhere, but you need to prepare the space to function as a studio. Find a suitable place where natural light is available if you don’t want to set up a lighting system. Choose a room that has windows next to a wall. If you have a plan to shoot outdoors, make sure the place has good scenic beauty, is calm, not so windy, and has open spaces.

Setup of the Lighting System

Setting up an artificial lighting system will give you more control over lighting on the product. Artificial lighting will sharpen the texture of a product, and each detail can be highlighted with this system. When using the artificial lighting system, turn off all other lights in the room, and don’t allow the natural light to enter the room. The mixture of artificial and natural light can ruin the photo. Therefore, it is better to block natural light while using the lighting system.

Use White Background & Flooring

If the product is not in white, it is better to use a white background as well as the same color flooring. Use a white sweep that can cover the flooring also. You don’t need to show the difference between the wall and the floor. So, use a long white sweep that can perfectly cover the area without corners and blemishes.

Take Pictures Using Your Smartphone

Why not try to capture images of the product with the help of a smartphone. Various types of smartphones are available that can capture photos neat and clean like a DSLR camera can such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel. The camera quality and resolution should be set in different angles to examine which angle can capture a better picture.

Select a DSLR Camera If Possible

If you are serious about the product image quality, purchasing a DSLR camera will be a great option. A DSLR camera gives you more creative control over photos, but it needs a manual setting of aperture, lenses, and various other features. Make sure you have good knowledge of these settings.

Use a Tripod

A tripod is a type of stand which is used to capture a stable picture at the first shot. When you shoot with just your hands, there is a chance of vibration that can spoil the photo quality. It is always safe to use a tripod. This tool can be used for the smartphone as well as DSLR cameras. Invest in a tripod where the size can be adjusted.

If you are still looking for perfection, hiring a professional photographer is the best investment.

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