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Why 3d animation is better than 2d?

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Why 3d animation is better than 2d?

If you’re a 90’s baby, no doubt your childhood was spent watching 2D animation movies and series that we love to this day. Now is the era of 3D animation, but that doesn’t mean that 2D animation is obsolete. We can all agree that 3d animation is an advanced animation technology made for today. It can be more attractive and appealing in comparison to 2D animation. Nowadays, 3D animation has dominated the whole industry, and its demand is increasing day by day among the audience as well. In this article, we are going to discuss why 3D animation is better suited for today’s audiences.

Let’s ask ourselves why 3D animation is better than 2D animation if you have seen both animation styles. Here are 3 points to help you decide which is better.


If you don’t know, 2D animation starts from hand-drawn animations, then it is uploaded to a computer. The process goes through the selection of color and various backgrounds. In the end, animators create a cinematic 24 frame system to give it the final touch. New 3D animation technology is much easier to work with than its predecessor. 3D animators predominantly use CGI (computer-generated images) or draw animated characters with the help of tools to create different characters and objects.


After seeing all the options, you can easily assume that 3D animators spend less time creating versus 2D animation. Creating a final product with advanced techniques typically take less time. Initially, animators spent years creating characters in a movie. Still, in 3D animation days, the burden of animation experts has lessened in the making of an animation movie.


One of the most important reasons for 3D animation’s dominance is its unmatched quality in the film and tv industry. Animators use advanced tools while making a 3D animation. It gives three-dimensional effects to all the characters, objects, and environment. The specialists also change the angle of the shots in the post-production work while creating a 3D movie, which is not possible in a 2D animation. 3D animation has always entertained us with its unique work, whether it is the quality of the animation or the best cinematic shots. We have the most exceptional team for creating 3D animation.

As the growing demand for 3D animation in the industry is apparent, you can also take advantage of this growing industry by contacting us at 214.850.0668. You can directly connect with us by visiting https://darklabmedia.com/ to know more about our services.

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