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Common Mistakes in Web Designing

Common Mistakes in Web Designing

Common Mistakes in Web Designing

Your website is your online address that should be designed with excellence and in a professional manner so that visitors can turn into customers. A professionally designed website retains visitors’ attention. It decreases the bounce rate and helps gain trust. Several web design mistakes can make your website worthless or non-profitable.

Heavy Web Pages

A heavy web page indicates that your website page is taking more time to open. A website that takes more than 20 seconds to open increases the bounce rate by 90%. This means a huge loss. A page turns heavy when there are too many graphics, animations, and 3D effects. It is better to design a website page that is simple rather than heavy.

Missing SEO Elements

What is the value of your website when search engines cannot read and crawl it? This happens when your website is not SEO friendly. The best thing you can do is to limit the graphics, animations or 3D elements because search engines cannot read them. A tip is to add text and optimize images.

Missing Call to Action Feature

Creating a business website is all about turning visitors into customers. In order to do so, an additional call to action feature is necessary. When content is added to the website, it should have captivating and motivating CAT (call to action) words.

Missing Contact Details

Google gives value to the business page that has contact details with a map. Your website should have a separate contact us page. The heading of the home page should display contact details in bold letters. Also, add contact details in the footer also. This feature encourages visitors to contact you if they are interested in your service.

Social Media Buttons at the Top

Your social media buttons can distract visitors. It may be possible that they will transfer to the social account and never return to your website. The best thing you can do is to add the social media tabs at the bottom or left of your page.

Small Font Size

The font size should be big enough to be visible even to people who wear glasses. Small font sizes do not look attractive. Visitors may find it hard to concentrate on your words. This could increase the bounce rate. Keep the font size big enough so that it can tell users about your services without any issues.

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