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Differentiating Templates Vs. Custom Templates

Differentiating Templates Vs. Custom Templates

There are two paths you can follow while designing a web portal – design the website from scratch or use a pre-developed template. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, but the one with more disadvantages is important to know.

Darklab Media, a leading and highly professional web design company in Corpus Christi and is committed to analyzing the difference between the two types of templates. Our company has full understanding and knowledge of the differences and pros and cons for each path.

Template Websites

Template websites are a wonderful way to start your journey online if your budget is holding you back. Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly are some examples that offer a range of templates to create a website. They offer several themes for free, and other websites offer paid templates. They are already designed which saves you time, effort, and money. Such themes are pretty easy to set up and don’t need knowledge of coding and HTML. Overall, Template sites are easy to operate and economical.


The biggest drawback of template websites is the lack of flexibility. Users don’t get free-hand to make changes in the template design to make it their style or desire. However, users can make a few changes. Users end up using a template that has already been used by many websites, so there is no uniqueness. The worst thing is the chance of your website blending into the crowd because of its commonness. Another setback of templates is that users get limited navigation and graphic design flexibility. There is a possibility that the template may not be responsive in some cases. Overall, the result of template sites is not as desirable mainly due to the design and layout restrictions.

Custom Template Solution

A custom template is designed as per the user’s desire. The entire theme can be changed to your business standard to maintain professionalism. The best thing about a custom template is its uniqueness. Your website is not going to get lost in the crowd of websites since you have the ability to create a unique page. Significant changes can be made easily, and the website will be responsive. A custom template helps the site in getting the best ranking. All HTML and coding are done by the designing team members. Another pro of a custom template is that they are search engine friendly.


The biggest drawback of a custom template solution is the time process. It needs constant brainstorming and a team of web designers that works together to give the real shape to their brainstorm ideas for custom-built templates. Pricing is flexible according to the design and the technology used.

Regardless of the cons, a custom template is going to have the highest reward. It’s important to have a website you’re proud of and can call your own. Darklab Media will meet all of your custom design needs and can take your business page to the next level.

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