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Award Winning Tips for Logo Design

Award Winning Tips for Logo Design

Every company, whether international or national, has a logo that tells a lot about the brand. Think of a logo as a sign that helps consumers to identify your brand apart from hundreds, even thousands, of other brands. Therefore, it is wise to invest in designing a quality logo for your brand by hiring a professional web design agency to design your dream logo.

Below are some important tips on designing a logo that reveals your specialty.

Be Unique

Uniqueness plays an integral role in designing a logo. It’s not about copying the design of other brands, but you can gain inspiration from others. Every company has its copyright for its logo. If you use a company logo as your logo, it might put you in legal trouble. You can use one or two elements of an existing brand logo but not more than that. Brainstorming plays a pivotal role for designers.

Understand the Brand

A logo is indeed an image, but it is also an introduction to a brand. The logo should reach to the audience with a message. This is where brainstorming should take place by not only designers but also the company’s heads because they understand more about their business than anyone else. There are several design factors you need to consider such as contemporary or quirky.

Every logo should have history and meaning. For example, Apple’s logo is, well, an apple! It’s logo is universally recognized because it’s simple, clever, and unique. Let’s take a look at the logo of Wikipedia. It has an unfinished globe of pieces featuring glyphs from different writing systems. This logo reveals that it is an online knowledge page that has yet to be finished because the world has unlimited knowledge to gain. Though both Apple and Wikipedia have used a simple logo design, it still tells their own personal story.

Choose Between Two Elements

A logo design has two popular elements – wordmark and symbols. You can choose either of them or use both elements together. Generally, in wordmark design, the first letter or the beginning letters of the entire company name are taken. For example, people know International Business Machines Corporation as IBM and its logo contains IBM. The fast-food company McDonald’s has taken its “M” letter as its logo. It is a wordmark. A simple yet attractive font style is taken to make the logo stand out. On the other hand, logo designs for symbols may contain images. The famous fast-food brand KFC has its inventor face and the name of the company also. It is a mixture of symbol and wordmark.

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