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5 Powerful Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers from 0 to 10k

5 Powerful Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers from 0 to 10k

The power of social media is undeniable. There are several social media platforms, among them, Instagram has appeared as a key tool to engage customers and increase your sales. When you jump to Instagram, it is difficult to make the first 10k followers. Though it may be challenging, it is not impossible. Below are some tips that may help you to hit 10k followers on your Instagram in less than 6 months.

Regular Posts

Create a schedule to post something new and engaging at least once a day. Showing your activeness on any social media account is a must. It will keep your followers engaged and at the same, it will engage others in your account.

Join Instagram Engagement Groups

One of the best tactics to increase followers on your Instagram account is to join engagement groups. This works well for newbies. It will be beneficial to join the biggest Instagram groups. Make sure the group is related to your niche such as fashion, beauty, travel technology, etc. If the group doesn’t belong to your niche, you may not be able to find the engagement.

Be Real by Posting Your Content

Instead of posting other content, post your own. It will be unique and engaging. People appreciate those users who post their own material. So, post images of your own business rather than reposting other business’s content. Post your product pictures and present them in an attractive manner to engage and attract users.

Promote through Buzzfeed or Quora

To give a boost to your Instagram followers list, you can make an interesting post on Buzzfeed. It has a community section where anyone can post their own content. It is a very engaging platform. You can also use Quora to engage users on your Instagram account. Quora answers get hit with pictures. People often give thumbs up to a post with pictures. It also generates traffic. Before posting on Quora, don’t forget to know about the rules and regulations set by Quora for posting.

Ask Your Customers to Share Their Photos

If you have a garment or any fashion accessory store, the tip will be helpful. Sometimes posting only product photos is not so engaging. When you present a product photo with a face, it gets more likes and thus it is helpful to increase traffic.

There are lots of tips and tricks that people apply. If you have a business that is failed to get followers and engagement on Instagram, contact our social media marketing services in Texas. We have a team of experts working constantly to increase social media engagement.

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