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5 Innovative Web Design Trends for 2019

5 Innovative Web Design Trends for 2019

It’s 2019, and the world is ready to experiment in every field. Web designing is not different here. With the advancement in technology, the field of web designing is also evolving. Every year, designers are pushed to try something new to offer the best services. Below are some innovative web design trends 2016 that have taken the digital marketing world by storm.

Black and White Palettes

Every website is unique, and it is the color scheme that plays a prominent role in giving uniqueness to a site. It helps to unify a brand and guides users through an interface with visual landmarks. In the year 2019, the black and white element is helping to set an impressive statement. White stands for a clean and professional look, whereas black stands for assertiveness and strength. A combination of these two colors helps to get a striking look. The color combination helps to get attention to the content, heading, videos, and images of the website give a professional touch.

Adding Shapes (Organic)

If you look at the web page design closely, you can notice various types of shapes to create the best layout and presentation. Nowadays, the trend of adding geometrical shapes like squares, rectangles, and triangles is still alive. These organic shapes make the layout stand out, creative, and unique. They help to arrange the entire content of the page in a systematic manner.

Glitch Art

When it comes to grabbing the user’s attention and improving the bounce rate, designers have walked to a long distance. They have given space to the glitch art in designing web pages and templates. Glitch art amplifies the feeling of disorientation by providing the site psychedelic appearance. The glitch art is neither an art nor a discipline, but a visual effect by applying certain encoding or actions to images and photographs to make them look visually corrupted. They are eye catching and impressive looking.


When you visit Twitter or Facebook pages, they display the number of messages, likes, and the sound of a beep. These are all small interactions. Now, commercial websites are including micro-interaction elements in the form of scrolling animations and chimes.

Adding More Video Content

Google, Yahoo, and several other search engines have given priority to the video content. The online marketing field has found the superpower of video marketing. Videos help to catch the attention of users, decrease the bounce rate, and help to feature products.

There are more to come. Professional web designing companies are adopting these trends.

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