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What are 2020 Strategies for SEO?

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What are 2020 Strategies for SEO?

As online competition is continuously increasing, there is a need to bring new marketing strategies. Google is changing its search patterns with an aim to engage more users. So, changes can be seen in SEO marketing also. At Dark Lab Media, we keep an eye on the changing algorithm of Google to make SEO marketing more effective and result oriented. Now, it’s time to make 2020 strategies for SEO to make it more effective and result-oriented.

Snippets Dominate Getting More Clicks

In order to provide better search experience, Google is encouraging website owners to add feature snippets on their websites. Today, a few sites are adding snippets. They are ranking higher in Google. So, the current SEO demands snippet rich web pages. It helps to drive more traffic and generate trust among users. The feature gives answers to commonly asked questions.

Optimizing Websites for Voice Search

Gone are the days when you required to type something to search on Google. Since then Google has been adding a voice search feature, it becomes easy for users to search anything they want. More than 50% of searches are going on through voice search. Today’s websites need to adapt the trend to stay in the race. It is necessary to make the web page compatible with voice search.

Optimizing Sites for Mobile

Do you four out five people choose to browse through their smart device instead of a laptop? If your website is not flexible enough to adjust to every screen size, you may lose a considerable amount of traffic. So, from 2015 to 2020, there is a high demand to make the website responsive. It is a top priority.

Videos more than Written Content

If you are looking to grab a new audience to your website, it is necessary to add videos to your website. Make sure the video is well optimized by adding heading, description, and tags.

Increase Dwell Time

Power-packed 2020 SEO demands to increase the dwell time of your website because Google is giving weight to those websites that have more dwell times.

At Dark Lab Media, we work on 2020 strategies for SEO. Our aim is to make your business visible to your targeted clients through powerful SEO services. Our Houston SEO agency has helped a number of the client with SEO. Now, it is your turn.

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