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8 Most Common SEO Mistakes you can’t Ignore

8 Most Common SEO Mistakes you can't Ignore

8 Most Common SEO Mistakes you can’t Ignore

So you plan to utilize SEO as your primary traffic strategy. You’ve optimized everything for Google and Bing to send you tons of visitors per day. You optimize your site with a variety of links with the expectation of seeing it climb the search results. While that plan is right on the money, there are very vital strategies that should never be overlooked.

Here are the eight most common SEO mistakes you can’t ignore and how to address them:

Not Using Analytics to See What Converts

SEO isn’t just about attaining as much free traffic as possible. As important as that is, what matters equally is conversion.

You can quickly check out which phrases are sending the most traffic, then get disappointed when you can’t rank for those super-competitive, high-traffic keywords. But traffic in itself isn’t necessarily all that matters. Sometimes lower-traffic phrases give better conversion since they’re more specific. Getting first page rankings for several of them can drive quite a few sales.

You won’t be able to see those numbers if you don’t utilize Tracking, though. You can use an analytics package to set up conversion tracking for your keyword phrases. After that, compare them with each other to observe what’s producing the best results.

Not Optimizing for Local Search

If you are working for a local company, local keywords are vital. Most search engines like Google handle these a bit differently than more global keywords. Doing this narrows the reach to your specific area, which ensures exposure to only potential clients.

Be sure to include your company address and phone number on your page to show up as a local result.

Using the same Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Using the same title for every page of a website is a mistake. Your website needs a unique title for every page, and that’s not just for SEO purposes. Each page should cover a unique topic. Tailoring your titles and tags according to these topics will help draw the right people to the right item.

You can use your company, website, or business name with your pages while focusing on specific keywords on each page. Meta descriptions are also notable for this. So, try to make each one as unique as possible.

Not Using Anchor Text for Internal Links

If you are writing a blog and want to link to your website design services page, make the anchor text “Website Design Services” or something similar. If you’re going to add a call to action, try including some relevant keywords in the link. For example, “Click here to learn more about our Website Design Services.”

Focusing on Link Quantity over Link Quality

An accessible blog link can do more for your search engine rankings than hundreds, or even thousands of low-quality directory links. You can’t find them easily; that’s why search engines place such trust in them. These links are a more reliable measure of the quality of your website.
So, focus on getting links that:

  • Relate to your website and industry.
  • Do not have a lot of outgoing links.
  • Do not use links to adult, pharmacy, or gambling sites.
Using Poorly Written Content

Your content should be well optimized, but you also need to think about the impression it’ll give visitors. People can tell whether or not content is unique and valuable, and if it’s not, you’ll lose trust, and have a much harder time getting them to take action.

So, if you need to outsource content, hire writers capable of creating original articles that you can proudly publish on your site. It’s also true that some writers are better than others. With that higher quality comes a more substantial investment on your part. But if you find more conversion results in doing so, the investment will have been well worth it.

Not Creating link-worthy Content

There is a harsh truth to link building. Sometimes, the well-written content still doesn’t get links, so you need to add a little something extra that makes it exceptionally valuable. Publish top lists, video or text tutorials, and infographics.

There are many CSS and other design galleries that will link to your site simply based on having a great design. You can also find blogs that do reviews of great designs in particular industries and ask them to add your website to their list.

The visitor likely will not convert until you have a professional web or graphic designer. However, these sites’ links still help you to build the overall influence of your domain.

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